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"Hey ! I took all the money they had !" Becky announced proudly to the Scarecrow, showing all the green bills she was shoving under her corset.
"Let's go." Jonathan said coldly, barely looking at the girl.
"What did you do with him ? I don't hear him screaming." She pointed to the kitchen the Master of Fear had just exited.
"That's because he's dead. We have to leave."
"Um, okay…"
"Oh god, what did you do ? Why does he look angry ?"
"I don't know ! I did what he asked ! I took all the money, I did great ! Maybe Mike did something to him ?"
"Like that idiot could do anything to Jonathan. Why did he kill him anyway ? He didn't have to…"

"Well, umh, thanks for the money everyone !" She waved at them, and they ran out.
"Hurry. They're going to call the police."
They rushed in the car, and quickly drove off. Needless to say, Crane drove very fast, to be as far from the house as possible when the police arrive.
After five minutes of silence and of very fast driving, Becky said : "I think you can slow down now…  It'll be more suspicious than anything we keep up like this."
"Don't tell me what to do. I have more experience than you. I am a great criminal, okay ?"
"… Sure…" She looked out the window. She didn't like him when he was angry…
"I think it's time you realize who is in charge, Becky. I am the Master of Fear. I'm the one who decides what we do."  He stepped on the pedal harder, accelerating.
She remained silent. She had no idea what was happening…
"Too afraid to talk, Becky ? Not as brave as you'd like to think, are you ?"
"Okay, Scarecrow. What the fuck are you doing ?" the red-head exclaimed, turning towards him violently.
"Oh, I see you're back to calling me Scarecrow. I guess that's how you call someone who's crazy and hates himself, isn't it ?"
"What ?" she raised an eyebrow.
"Surprised, Becky ? Did you think Mike would keep his mouth shut ? As soon as he understood it was you behind the mask, he went on telling about the hatred you feel towards me. You told him a great deal of things about me; that's weird, considering the fact you said you didn't like him ! Or perhaps you did ? How does it feel to know he's dead ?"
"Are you stupid ? I told you I didn't like him ! I love you !"
"I doubt that. Is that your way to get revenge for how I treated you, a month ago ? Was that just a plan ? I must admit, it was pretty clever… I actually believed you loved me… That was foolish, though. Of course you don't love me. You wanted to hurt me like I hurt you, right ? Well done ! You managed to hurt the Master of Fear ! Do you feel proud, Becky ?"
The woman ripped her mask off her face in rage, damaging its stitches and fabric. "Stop thinking everyone is against you ! I told you I loved you, even after you left me; are you so cold and hateful you'd actually believe I lied ?"
Crane made a quick turn, almost crashing the car into a building. "You wouldn't have said all that to Mike if you loved me. He knew about my great-grand mother, and about the crows. You told him that ! He also said you had studied me. Do you honestly think you can fucking analyse a psychiatrist, fool ?"
"Fucking hell, stop the car at least ! You're going to get us killed !" she shrieked.
"No. You might die, but I won't."
"Goddamnit Crane, pull over or I'll spray enough fear gas in your face to make you die on the spot !" the young woman screamed, holding a canister to the side of his face.
"And you dare to threaten me with my own creations…" he violently turned the wheel, entering a parking lot. Thankfully, they were in a nice neighbourhood, meaning it was unlikely for someone to bother them.
"Okay. Now, you'll have to listen to me." Becky stated.
"Don't play tough. I can see you're shaking."
She ignored the comment. "I may have shared some things with Mike. And I may have gone overboard. But I was only venting out, I guess. I was so angry at you for leaving me, I had to say mean things about you, even though I didn't mean them. Don't tell me you haven't done that too…"
"Dude, you totally insulted her when she refused to become your Mistress of Fear. You tried to kill her. You insulted her when she was about to testify against you. You insulted her right before she gassed you. And you kinda insulted right now…."

"You said I was ugly, disgusting, and tried to hide that with my costume."
"No, I didn't. I said you felt unattractive, and felt the need to have an ugly costume because it represents the image you have of yourself."
"That's not what Mike said. Also, you said I was a sad bookworm that escaped his life by creating a new identity for himself, that I feared people, and hated myself…"
The young woman sighed. "That idiot twisted everything. I said you greatly loved books as a child because they gave you another world to live in, when yours was shattered. And yes, you did create a new identity for yourself. You also can't deny you feared people in the past; you feared the bullies. And you still do, a little. You also hate yourself; I've seen it. I've noticed how uneasy you are without your mask. You hate being Jonathan Crane; you only want to be the Scarecrow."
"Why would I believe you now ? Sure, it seems less insulting phrased like this; though I don't like how you dare to think you got me all figured out."
She looked at him, with tears in her eyes.
"Would you rather believe a stupid kid you don't even know, or me ? Don't you trust me ?" her voice was shaking, and so was she.
"I… I don't usually trust people. You should know that. I trusted Sherry Squires, and she humiliated me." He started to feel guilty for yelling at her…
"I'm not like her ! I'm not a brainless bitch that will play a disgusting prank on you ! I shouldn't have told Mike all those things, I know. I just needed to talk to someone. I was all alone when you left me; no one to comfort me. And all I could think about was you. I had to talk about you to someone, I wanted to get you out of my head !"
"Did it work ?"
He grabbed her hand, and took off his mask slowly. "I'm sorry. I know I get angry too easily."
"It's not your fault. I shouldn't have said those things to Mike."
"It doesn't matter. Mike's dead. None of this matters. Let's go home, okay ? Let's drive back to your apartment."
Becky sighed. "I don't like it when we fight. It feels like my world is falling apart when we do."
"Then let's avoid fighting. Considering the fact that when we do, you gas me or I almost crash the car and kill us both, it would be for the best."
"Or we should have normal fights, like normal people." The young woman smiled softly. "Like about the bills, or you looking at another woman or coming home drunk…"
"We don't have to worry about anything that concerns money. I don't look at other women. And I don't get drunk." He remarked. "Anyway, those fights will at least give you something to talk about with Ivy and Harley tomorrow…"
"Oh, I forgot about that !" She complained. "I don't want to go. I'd rather rob a bank with you and the Joker…"
"You know you have to go. I'm sure it will be fun…" he stated, starting the car.
"I hope so."

They slept at Becky's house that night, in her bed. They talked a lot, trying to forget about the earlier fight; they knew there would surely be more to come, but tried to ignore it. They needed to rest fully to be efficient the following day…

Becky woke up around nine a.m., hearing her cellphone vibrating  next to her.
"Shit…" she moaned. She quickly grabbed the cellphone and looked at the number calling her; she didn't know it. Weird.
"Hello ? If you're calling me to advertise a product, let me tell you it's too damn early for that…"
"Becky ? Becky, it's Alice !" She sounded like she was whispering, and her voice was shaking.
"Alice, is everything fine ? Where are you calling me from ?"
"Batman found us, Becky. He came into the lair last night. He took away Jervis and sent him back to Arkham ! He made me go back home. My parents are downstairs right now, I don't want them to hear me…"
"Oh fuck ! How did he know where to find you ?"
"I don't know. He didn't say anything." The girl started crying.
"Calm down, darling. Are you hurt ?"
"No. But I miss Jervis… My parents won't let me go out of the house. They say it's too dangerous. I hate them, Becky ! I know they didn't care I had disappeared ! They barely searched for me. They had given up on me. I want to be with Jervis…"
"Listen, Alice. I'm seeing Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy tonight; you'll come with me. We can find a way to make Jervis escape together."
"I can't ! I can't get out of the house. Everything's locked !"
Becky bit her lip. This was too much for her… Jonathan, who had just woken up, took her phone from her.
"Alice, it's Jonathan. You have to calm down. You cannot contact us; Batman might be watching you. If he gets us, he'll get Becky far away and he'll send me to Arkham. I won't be able to help you trapped in there. Since you can't leave the house anyway, I suggest you just stay there. We'll find something, okay ? We'll help you. We'll ask Harley and Ivy for help. We'll contact you when we have news. Is that clear ?"
"Y-yes…" the young girl sobbed.
"Okay. I'll hang up now. I promise we'll do something."
When he hung up, Becky looked at him in despair. "I can't believe he caught Jervis… What are we going to do ?"
"For now, nothing."
"What ? But…"
"Becky, I know he's after us. Jervis was only the beginning. You'll see Harley and Ivy tonight, and you won't mention Jervis, okay ? I'll do the same with the Joker. We can't do anything yet. It could be a trap…"
She frowned. "But it's Alice ! She wouldn't lie to us !"
"That's not what I said. I think Batman expects me to do something about Alice or Jervis and catch me; that's why we have to wait."
The red-head looked down, in tears. "I hate Batman."
"So do I, love."

"Tell me, Jervis. Is Rebecca Albright working with the Scarecrow ?" the Caped Crusader asked, standing in Jervis' cell in the asylum.
The Hatter was sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth. They had taken his hat away from him, and traded his blue costume for the orange clothes the inmates all wore. "I want to see Alice."
"Her name isn't Alice. It's Rachel." Batman hissed.
"Lies ! Off with your head !"
"Tetch, I need to save Rebecca from Crane. She needs my help. And I need yours. Tell me where to find Crane, alone. I have to catch him without endangering Rebecca. I fear she has some kind of Stockholm Syndrome…"
"Twinkle twinkle little bat, like a tea tray in the sky…" The blonde man sang.
"Tetch ! Where is Crane ?" Batman grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up in the air.
"Why, in Wonderland, of course !"
"Tell me where to find him or you'll never see your Rachel again." The Dark Knight threatened.
"Her name is Alice !" The Mad Hatter yelled with anger. His blue eyes stared at the Bat like they could pierce him.
"Tell me, Tetch !"
"How would I know ? Ask the Cheshire Cat. He's the one who gives directions."
As Jervis grinned, Batman threw him on the ground. "I won't get anything out of you, will I ? You psycho."
He turned around and left, leaving the blonde man all alone.
"I'll see Alice soon… She won't leave me like this."
For some reason, I enjoy writing arguments much more than I enjoy writing fluff. I love arguments ^^
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I like Alice... she's a very well-developed character. It's nice when you divert attention to her every so often. :3
QuantumRainbows Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You'll see even more of her in the next chapters, and we'll know more about her relationship with Jervis too :)I like her too. It's pleasant to have a more relaxed couple in the story, compared to Jonathan and Becky who are always having problems ^^
GinDaybreaksbell Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
OMG hey i have been reading your story & i love it absolutely amazing!! :) this chap was so adorable i loved the fight & poor Jervis he needs his hat & Alice :( anyway awesome story & can't wait for the next chapter. :D
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thanks ^^ Jervis will have to wait for both Alice and his hat, that poor thing :(
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